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ACL torn with soccer

Did you also tear your ACL playing soccer and want to know more about rehabilitation?

My name is Michelle and I‘m 23 years old. In early October I tore my anterior crucial ligament. Ever since I’ve been a little girl football has been my biggest passion. I played in the highest league “Bundesliga” for U17-girls in Germany, got thrown back by a hip injury (including surgery) and then kept on playing in 4th and 5th highest women’s league. In 2022 I finally joined my favourite football club. This club has been the reason for starting to play football in first place. Football has never been more joy than there. Great team and coach, good performances, my first goal for this club against Borussia Dortmund in a friendly match.  A few weeks later the injury happened. My aim is to be able to play again in 2023 but most importantly, set a good base for future seasons. It’s my dream to play for this club and I’m ready to invest everything possible in order to open up new chapters there in the future. I’ll try my best; I give it all I got. Welcome to my journey!