kraakt of klikt na voorste kruisband reconstructie

Tips for finding a knee specialist (physio)

Het resultaat van een knieoperatie (voorste kruisband reconstructie) valt of staat met een goede revalidatie. Verschillende factoren beïnvloeden de revalidatie, waaronder ziekte, reizen en andere verplichtingen. Ook de fysiotherapeut speelt een belangrijke rol in het herstel en daarom is het vinden van een kniespecialist of fysiotherapeut met voldoende ervaring belangrijk. In de praktijk blijkt het echter vaak lastig om de juiste persoon te vinden. In deze blog geven we tips over hoe je een kniespecialist kunt vinden en bieden we een overzicht van zorgprofessionals die wij aanbevelen.

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How many cruciate ligament rehabs a year?

Several rehabilitation protocols can be found on what anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation should look like. However, anyone who rehabs after cruciate ligament surgery will find that their recovery goes differently than the booklet says. The biology of recovery is about the same in everyone, but the type of surgery, its extensiveness, environmental factors, motivation and discipline differ. It is a plus to have a physical therapist who can anticipate this. Are certain aches and pains normal? When should swelling go down? How hard can and should you train? Can rehabilitation be built up according to certain criteria to move to the next stage? These are constant questions that are asked. A physical therapist with enough experience can guide you well in this. So check if your physical therapist regularly supervises cruciate ligament rehabs.

Will there be group or individual training?

It is nice to hang out with other people who are in the same situation, share experiences and motivate each other during rehabilitation. In addition, you can do different exercises in groups than when you train alone. It is also nice to mirror yourself to others and find out if they also experience certain complaints or pains. Furthermore, it offers perspective to see people in the next phase of their rehabilitation training and to hear that certain complaints go away by themselves. Fellowship contact is stimulating for your knee rehabilitation.

Is there a suitable space to train?

The training room is where you will spend an average of 9 to 12 months, 2 to 4 times a week. Important here is the presence of specific training equipment, as well as sufficient free space to run and jump. Additional facilities such as a changing room, shower and good accessibility by bicycle, car or public transportation contribute to a pleasant rehabilitation. Also consider the travel time you are willing to travel 2 to 4 times a week.

How long are you allowed to train?

A physical therapy appointment usually lasts only 25-30 minutes. However, at physical therapy practices specializing in knee rehabilitation, it is often possible to train for longer than one hour. This is essential for effective training stimulation.

Are there sufficient and appropriate training materials?

Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation doesn't just consist of classic strength training with machines and heavy weights. You want to be able to do varied training with free weights, water bags, free space, attributes for stability and responsiveness and possibly other innovative means.

Progression of rehabilitation is assessed with intermediate testing.

An anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation consists of several phases linked to criteria. To achieve your final goal, it is important to assess the phases and criteria in the interim. Through testing and training goals, targeted training can be done. In addition, the results of an intermediate evaluation can be extra motivating or a confirmation of how the rehabilitation is going. It also gives a nice overview of weaknesses that still need additional work.

Does rehabilitation conclude with performance testing?

Most rehabilitations after cruciate ligament surgery have the ultimate goal of being able to play sports again. Performance tests give an indication of the function of your knee, the quality of your movements and your general fitness. Keep in mind that the sports you will return to, such as team sports, require a high degree of movement speed. Performance tests will give an impression of how you move and whether you are ready for the next step in your rehabilitation.

Is there outdoor or field training?

The step from physical therapy practice to the sports field is very big. Strength training alone is insufficient to prepare for other sports. There are still several stages of training in between. Through outdoor training and field training, you can build from simple to complex forms of training. It is important to gain confidence in yourself and your knee during sport-specific situations.

9: How big is the knee team (in case of illness, vacation you should be able to pass)?

A good therapist is important, but having a good substitute is also essential. Your therapist will not always be available or may be temporarily out due to vacation or illness. In such cases, you should be able to continue your rehabilitation.

Which clinics and orthopedic surgeons are collaborating with?

It is reassuring to know that your physical therapist can easily consult with your orthopedic surgeon

Is your schedule aligned with that of your physical therapist?

Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation is an intensive process where you will be at the physical therapist's office a few times a week for rehab. It can be challenging to fit this into your life, with obligations such as work, children and studies. Therefore, check practice hours and the availability of your physical therapist.

Can you motivate each other

It is essential to have a good relationship of trust with your physical therapist. Your physical therapist acts as your coach and should motivate you enough to train hard.

In conclusion:

The above points are essential for proper rehabilitation, but the outcome is also determined by other factors (More on this later). In addition to the aforementioned 12 tips for finding a knee specialist, do you have any other tips? If so, please share them below. On The KneeClub there is a overview of the best knee specialists from The Netherlands.