Checklist pre surgery Anterior cruciate ligament.

The overview below is a checklist to support you in your preparation for anterior cruciate ligament surgery.


 The Knee

  • The knee can fully extend (bucket handle exception)
  • The knee can fully flex (>120 degrees)
  • Minimal swelling.
  • Strength training done.
  • Muscle strength less than 20% difference.
  • Biodex test strength test (optional)

Pre ok conversation:

  • Learning to walk with crutches.
  • Climbing stairs with crutches.
  • Discuss with your physical therapist:
    • The first week after surgery.
    • Living rules
    • Homework exercises.
    • The Surgery
    • End goals rehabilitation

Consider this:

  • Optimal surgery date scheduled.
  • Work appointments made (sick leave).
  • School and/or study arrangements made.
  • Any (important) events discussed.
  • Any vacation travel plans discussed with your doctor/physiotherapist


  • Crutches
  • Wheelchair (optional)
  • Hometrainer
  • Transportation between home and physical therapy


  • Made appointment with physical therapist (knee specialist) after surgery.
  • Check your insurance to avoid being surprised with additional charges.

Your doctor and/or physical therapist will discuss with you your personal situation.