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For who:
The KneeClub is a network of healthcare professionals specializing in the treatment of the knee. If your daily work consists of treating and/or supervising patients with knee problems, please apply (read the terms and conditions). 

Every patient deserves the best possible care. To achieve this, we form a network of specialized healthcare professionals. Thus, the patient knows who to turn to and we want to encourage intercollegiate cooperation.

The goal of The KneeClub is to permanently improve the care of patients with knee problems by providing a professional network of knee specialists. Het uitgangspunt is de juiste kniezorg op de juiste plek.

Voordelen The KneeClub

  1. A club of "up to date" specialists in the field of the knee.
  2. Overview and findability increased for healthcare professionals.
  3. Easily share knowledge and expertise with each other.
  4. Short lines between specialists.
  5. Active contribution of healthcare professionals
  6. Once a year a masterclass (NL)