Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Services



Before surgery, it is wise to engage in what is known as 'pre-habilitation.' This involves therapy and guided exercise prior to knee surgery. One's recovery is directly correlated to the effort and practices of pre-surgery exercise and therapy. This will ensure maximized function, range of motion, and strength, which leads to a faster and more comfortable recovery. Private clinics and hospitals provide Pre-habilitation workshops for patients prior to their total knee replacement surgery.


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Currently, pre-habilitation takes place in small classes available in Winnipeg at

  • Total Rehabilitation and Sport Injuries Clinic
  • Concordia Hip and Knee Institute
  • Wellness Centre
  • Re-Fit Centre

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Currently, post-surgery rehabilitation takes place individually or in small classes at

  • Total Rehabilitation and Sport Injuries Clinic

and includes membership in The Knee Club.









Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

During one's hospital stay, trained professionals will provide guidance and care for exercises to be completed at home. The daily repetition of these exercises do several things: 

1. strengthen and tone the muscles to facilitate a return to post-traumatic knee functions: walking, stair-climbing, rising from a chair, etc

2. teach the knee where it sits in time and space so that it will learn to function as a knee, despite the removal of many muscles that have been responsible for balance, and for bending and straightening the leg

3. prevent the body's collagen from sealing the muscles to the prothesis and thereby prohibiting straightening and bending of the knee

Athletic Therapy

Certified athletic therapists are university trained specialists (Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology) certified in the rehabilitation of damaged muscles (recognized by CAT(C) after their degree). Experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation, they spend four years specifically studying injuries to muscles, bones, and joints. Athletic therapists adhere to the Sports Medicine Model of care; their goal is to help patients return to their usual activities. 

A Manitoba founder of Athletic Therapy, Dr Glen Bergeron, PhD, is a knee specialist.

Physio Therapy

Physiotherapists are university trained specialists (Master of Physiotherapy) who provide people who are living with pain with tools that will equip them to function normally at home or at work. Physiotherapists offer a range of services to people, and are usually the first specialist TKR patients meet in the hospital after surgery. Physiotherapists provide guided exercises in hospital, to be continued at home.