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THE KNEE CLUB® was founded by Dr. Laura Reimer, whose left knee was replaced in May, 2017 by the fine team of Dr Eric Bohm of the Concordia Hospital Hip and Knee Institute in Winnipeg. Finding great inspiration in the community of friends in the Physiotherapy Out-patient Clinic, particularly inspired by the dynamic tenacity of TKR patients and the social event planning skills of  one in particular, the “Friends in Kneed” group was formed. Later in the healing process, some of us discovered outstanding athletic therapy at Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Clinic. Our hopes and dreams for life after TKR were renewed when our movement visibly improved.  As we healed, we expanded and became THE KNEE CLUB®, connecting with and encouraging one another through  texting, phone calls, and friendships that have extended long beyond the 10 week post-surgery medical support. We are here to support you on your journey to total recovery.

We are THE KNEE CLUB: Disciplined. Tenacious. Renewed.