Knee rehab and protein, are you eating enough of this?

Knee rehabilitation and protein that's not the first thought when you think of physical therapy and strengthening muscles through exercise. What is often underestimated is that nutrition is just as important, especially during rehabilitation. 

The goal of rehabilitation is to strengthen the muscles and thereby normalize the function of the knee and reduce pain. Through strength training, the muscles are put under extra strain and stimulated to grow and create more muscle mass. It is not enough to only have this training stimulus, because building materials are also needed for the production of the muscles. 

Proteins are the building blocks for all body cells and therefore also for muscles. Everyone needs a certain amount of protein every day, but in some cases this need is increased. Think for example directly after training, in preparation for surgery, after surgery for better wound healing and recovery during rehabilitation. 

proteinen en eiwitten
Salmon is full of protein
Knierevalidatie en eiwitten
Nuts are a good supplement for protein

How much protein do I need per day?

Knee rehabilitation and protein are inextricably linked. Building and breaking down muscles is a continuous process, which is why it is important to take in enough protein on a daily basis. 

Protein requirements vary from person to person depending on weight, activity and goal. The minimum daily requirement is 0.8 - 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you want to build more muscle mass, the need is increased to an average of 1.2 - 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. In some cases, the requirement itself is increased even more to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Whether this applies depends on several factors. 

So during rehab, the need is increased and you want to make sure you get enough protein. You can do this by choosing a good source of protein at every meal. Think for example of meat, fish, eggs, protein rich spreads, extra dairy products, nuts and seeds or a vegetarian meat substitute based on legumes. In addition to taking in enough protein, the timing and distribution of protein is also important, especially around exercise and sleep. 

kwark en eiwit
Quark is full of protein and low in fat
High percentage of fiber and protein

Proteins and supplements

Before using protein shakes, powders or other supplemental supplements, it is always important to have a good basic nutrition. So it depends on your personal situation, needs and nutritional intake whether it is necessary to use additional protein products. 

Want to make sure you're getting enough protein or properly adjusting protein intake around your workout regimen? Then contact a dietician. Together we can look at a personal plan with a good division of daily activities, sports activities and sufficient intake of protein at these times. 

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